The company PRIMA FRUITS NIKOLAEV has been active in the fruit export business since 1998. The company is based in Palatitsia Imathias, at the heart of the production of the main fruits it exports. In cooperation with A.S. Melikis & Surroundings it has 5.000 sq. meters installations including packaging plant and kiwi maintenance refrigerators for 4.000 tons of state-of-the-art technology.

PRIMA FRUITS NIKOLAEV supplies its customers with the finest and freshest products. She has developed a relationship of trust with her customers, but also with her suppliers who give to the company their best products.

PRIMA FRUITS NIKOLAEV also owns refrigerated trucks for the correct and timely transport and delivery of its products.

PRIMA FRUITS NIKOLAEV, in its many years of experience, strives to serve its customers impeccably, but also to satisfy its suppliers who see their products travel and be sold in different parts of the world.